RAPID system introduction

What is RAPID?

RAPID remote problem solving is a powerful digital solution for remote troubleshooting of gas turbine problems.

What is the purpose of RAPID?

The purpose of RAPID is to reduce engine downtime in case of unscheduled events.

What is the value of RAPID?

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What does RAPID deliver?

RAPID delivers immediate cybersecure remote diagnostic assessment of technical problems and it provides interventions or recommendations to solve these problems in a quick & effective way. Approx. 75% of all C&I related gas turbine problems can be solved within a very short time frame with RAPID remote problem solving.
More specific technical issues will require an intervention in either the mechanical or the control & instrumentation systems of a gas turbine. specialised external maintenance experts can provide immediate technical support with RAPID by means of an augmented reality (AR) application that works on any smartphone or tablet. This AR-support will enable your on-site maintenance staff to solve more complex technical issues quickly and effectively.
With RAPID we must log into the control system of our customer to perform the necessary diagnostics and interventions. We can only do so with the explicit consent of our customer. An authorized employee of our customer needs to action a hardware switch to enable VBR engineers to login and perform diagnostic and corrective interventions. Immediately after the problem has been solved the hardware switch is returned to its original position and ends VBR’s access to the control system of our customer.

How does RAPID compare to DECIDE?

Adding RAPID to the DECIDE system will enable your service provider to assist with remote support to minimalize the response time. The goal for RAPID is to assist the client in implementing a permanent or temporary quick fix (where possible) for a specific technical problem so that the required corrective maintenance intervention can be scheduled.

RAPID Data Exchange setup

For RAPID we need to implement hardware on site to enable all its features. This hardware is cybersecure certified.
DECIDE remote maintenance interventions

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Health monitoring for LM1600-LM2500-LM6000

See in a 30-minute demo how Decide:

Health monitoring for LM1600-LM2500-LM6000

See in a 30-minute demo how Decide: