Customer portal of DECIDE

The VBR & DECIDE online customer portal is a gateway to all relevant gas turbine operation & management information. It is available 24/7 through most common web browsers and provides an easy-to-understand interface where you can view, download, and upload your engine information. This will facilitate a smooth cooperation between your personnel and your service provider.


DECIDE customer portal provides:

DECIDE provides easy-to-understand management dashboards with an overview of your gas turbine operation and maintenance status. You can access the DECIDE dashboards in the customer portal 24/7 by desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Advisory notes are automatically generated messages that are triggered by pre-warnings. Advisory notes contain information about the pre-warning and the related health condition of the asset. Advisory notes also include an indication of the remaining useful life (RUL) of the asset. Advisory notes are issued through email and are available 24/7 in the VBR & DECIDE customer portal.

Your operation and maintenance staff can create helpdesk tickets via the customer portal. They can add comments, pictures, documents, and they can prioritize the ticket.
Recommendations for preventive & corrective operation & maintenance tasks. A recommendation is created by the asset maintenance engineers and/or specialists. They process a combination of findings on-site, data from the DECIDE management dashboards and the advisory notes to propose effective operation & maintenance actions.
All available asset documentation (manuals, drawings, maintenance reports, etc). This section enables you to centralise all relevant asset documentation in a secure central location with 24/7 online availability. This enables your operation and maintenance staff to have immediate 24/7 access to all available asset documentation which enables smooth knowledge sharing between colleagues and the service provider.

The benefits:

With our approach we prevent clients from entering into a lengthy implementation project with external consultants to create the necessary user interfaces and workflows of a portal. We use our ready-to-go system setup to enable smooth and fast implementation. In our experience DECIDE & RAPID can be up-and-running within 2 months. The common restrictions for implementation, is to get all parties agendas aligned. With agendas aligned we can reduce the duration of this implementation.
The type of data required for the assets is similar. Therefore, we can use our standardized system setup.
In heavy industrial environments there are many departments and stakeholders involved with regards to the assets causing all available asset information to be stored in multiple decentralized locations. Therefore, every stakeholder has only a part of the total available information. Centralizing the applicable asset information improves effective sharing of knowledge between stakeholders. All stakeholders can find information when they require it, and information doesn’t get lost over time.
Your on-site O&M staff, your service provider and the DECIDE team can all create recommendations for any maintenance actions for the asset. By capturing all recommendations in our customer portal you are able to track them and to assess them regular with regards to the risk they involve (what happens when we do not execute the recommendation). Managing the recommendations enables you to follow-up on them during scheduled maintenance outages. Recommendations are potential measures to improve the reliability of your asset so let’s start managing them instead of letting them collect dust in reports that lie around in an office somewhere.
The on-site O&M staff has access to the customer portal and have a means of asking questions to the asset specialists. The barrier to ask a question is low and therefore we see all kinds of questions being raised related to the operation and maintenance of the assets. We have noticed that operators start to feel more and more confident about their assets. Besides that, you can create a FAQ/knowledge base for your personnel since all shared information with regards to the helpdesk tickets is saved and fully accessible for your team. As the number of questions rise and the database increases, your employees will start to search this database when they have a question before creating a new ticket.
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